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Smart Shoe Cover


- patented
- ecological
- biodegradable
- non-slip

Smart Shoe Cover BIOFoil
Smart Shoe Cover BIOFoil

Smart Shoe Cover BIOfoil

  • Automatic dressing process

  • Non-slip patent BIOfoil

  • High wearing comfort

  • Time and cost saving

  • 72h repair and exchange service

  • Optimal protection against pollution

  • High slip resistance

  • High wearing comfort

  • For every shoe - Size and shoe form

Smart Shoe Cover BIOFoil


- 72 hours repair and exchange service
- DGUV-3 Tested
- Simple and innovatve dressing process

Shoe Cover


- Easy dressing process
- High slip resistance
- High wearing comfort
- Individual size adjustment

More innovative

- Individual size adjustment
- 72 hour exchange and repair service
- Smart leasing concept
- Patented Biofoil

Technical data sheet Biofoil 090500

Cleanness knows no compromise!

· Biobased and biodegradable foil – blue
· Good sealing propertes
· Balanced mechanical propertes
· Excellent low shrink temperature property

· Bio-based shrink foil blue for smart shoe cover machine

· Aliphatc co-polyester

· Masterbatch blue

Shoe Cover


Werte Methode
Foil Thickness 40 μm DIN 53370
Foil Width 210 mm GKV
Foil/Roll 700 m -
Tensile strength MD ≥ 30 N/mm2 DIN EN ISO 527-3
Tensile strength TD ≥ 28 N/mm2 DIN EN ISO 527-3
Strain at break MD ≥ 450 % DIN EN ISO 527-3
Strain at break TD ≥ 550 % DIN EN ISO 527-3
Shrink MD ≥ 60 % intern
Shrink TD ≥ 30 % intern
Coefcient of fricton ≥ 0,8 DIN EN ISO 8295

BIOFoil are sensitve to light and UV radiaton. Therefore the foil should be stored in original packaging and kept safe from light. The following storage conditon should be kept: dry, cool and dark storage, Temperature 15 - 25°C.

• This Foil is 100% biodegradable
• Compostable according to DIN EN 13432
• Home compostable up to 85 μm
• Consists of up to 35% renewable resources

*measured on a 40 μm - foil sample
General informaton:
All details of this specifcaton are given to the best of our knowledge. However the data on the sheet are to be seen as general recommendaton and not as guarantee for special propertes. To check suitability of the material is part of the responsibility of the user of these foils.
Date of issue: June 2019

Using of the SSC care Product

Smart Shoe Cover BIOFoil

Use a clean lint free cloth

Smart Shoe Cover BIOFoil

Wet he cloth with the SSC care product

Smart Shoe Cover BIOFoil

Clean/Coat the surface that the BIOFoil 0905 comes into contact with. Make sure that the coated surface is not damp after the treatment Depending on the use of the device; this process should be repeated in order to ensure that it functions properly.

Smart Shoe Cover BIOFoil

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